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Brow wax and tint RefreshUP Course

Brow wax and tint RefreshUP Course

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Master the Art of Perfectly Shaped and Defined Brows.

Tailored for qualified beauty professionals, our Brow Wax and Tint RefreshUP course is expertly designed to update your knowledge and enhance your expertise in brow waxing and tinting techniques.

Discover the secrets to creating perfectly shaped and defined brows, learn the latest trends, and refine your skills in brow transformations. 

What you will learn?

Understanding the importance of brow waxing and tinting for enhancing facial features.
Techniques for precise and symmetrical brow shaping through waxing.
Choosing the right brow waxing products and tools for optimal results.
Correct application of brow tint to achieve the desired colour and intensity.
Customizing brow shapes and colours to suit different face shapes and skin tones.
Brow mapping techniques to determine the ideal brow shape for each client.
Troubleshooting common issues in brow waxing and tinting and achieving flawless results.
Maintaining and enhancing brow tint for long-lasting and vibrant colour.
Exploring innovative trends and designs in brow transformations.
Proper aftercare and maintenance advice for clients to ensure lasting brow perfection.

Course Roadmap

Step 1: Once you have made your payment, you'll be able to schedule a personal or online practical session at a time that suits you.

Step 2: During the scheduled practical session, you will be trained by our expert instructors through hands-on experience. This will help you improve your skills and master techniques.

Step 3: After finishing the hands-on session, you will be awarded the Julia Michaels Beauty Academy certificate, acknowledging your success in the masterclass.

Elevate your brow game with our Brow Wax and Tint RefreshUP course and offer your clients flawless and stunning brows.

  • Enhance your abilities
  • Unlock your full potential
  • Up to 5-h live session
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